Holiday Living: Using Year-round Celebrations to Build Faith and Family

Consciously or unconsciously, we peg our lives around holidays. They are a part of the rhythm of life. We can make the most of these holidays by turning them into holy days, with an emphasis on God, on what pleases Him, on our faith, and on our values.

The challenge for families is finding ways to do this. Already busy with work, child care and numerous other responsibilities, it is hard to be ready for the next holiday let alone think of spiritual ways to celebrate. Here’s where Holiday Living can help. This book focuses on 19 special days observed in the United States. A chapter is devoted to each one giving some background information and then giving ideas for putting the holy into holidays. With a variety of ideas, each family can choose what best suits their situation.

Using the ideas in Holiday Living, your holidays can be occasions for connecting with God and building faith plus providing enjoyable, memorable times for your family. It can be an indispensable guide for putting the holy into holidays so they can be special, set apart days for instruction and worship just as the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of Ingathering were for God’s Chosen People.

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