With a sparkle in her eye, Brenda’s inspiring, thought-provoking and at times entertaining as she speaks clearly with lots of illustrations and practical applications. Her words are easy-to-follow whether she’s serving as the keynote speaker, a breakout session leader, or a special event presenter.

As a keynote speaker Brenda can launch the theme for a conference or retreat where there is a broad overarching emphasis. She can follow it through by developing various aspects of the theme in an inspirational and engaging way. Brenda understands the importance of keynoter’s role because she’s been a retreat planner herself. Some themes she’s launched were Visions of Victory, The Wonder Years, and What Will I Do With the Rest of My Life. Some of her teaching and writing topics have been used as retreat themes, and she’s always willing to work with a group to develop a theme for their conference.

As a breakout session leader, Brenda offers hope and how to. Speaking personally, knowledgeably and honestly, she can round out a conference, supplementing the theme and keynote speeches with topics such as these:

How to Keep the Wind in Your Sails When Your Boat is Rocking. Every person, in some way, big or small, is pulling for victory as he or she rows up the “river of life,” but rough waters may be encountered along the way. What does a person need to see to achieve victory? What does he or she need to know to have a conquering spirit and be able to row successfully?

A Healthy Heart Is a Friendly Heart. The stresses of life are more easily endured if we can share them with someone in whom we can confide and trust. How can we make and keep connections that will reduce our stress, help us thrive and lengthen our lives?

The Promise of Peace. If worry or anxiety troubles you, the Bible has a remedy. In Philippians 4:6-7, Paul outlines four ways you can deal with what’s troubling you and experience a peace that surpasses understanding.

Brenda often serves as the featured speaker for special event such as lunches, brunches, teas, and banquets where something lighter than a keynote address or a breakout session is needed. Here are three topics that women’s groups have repeatedly asked Brenda to present.

The B’s of Friendship: Making and keeping connections  vital to a woman’s sense of well being.

Can Martha have a “Mary” Christmas?: Untangling expectations to experiencing a spiritually satisfying Christmas.

God’s Apron Strings: How Mothers Tie Us to God. Whether you are an actual mother or a spiritual mother, you can help others see God.

For more information or to schedule Brenda Poinsett as a keynote speaker, breakout session leader, or special event presenter, contact Brenda by filling out the form on the contact page or by calling 636.584.0631. You will be glad you did! As a member of the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International, and Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Brenda will “hear” your needs and serve you well.

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