A Coffee Cup Friend

You know how it is when you talk with a friend while sipping hot coffee, don’t you? You look at each other, you talk, you listen, you nod in agreement, you laugh and sometimes you shed a tear or two. When the conversation is over, you leave the table encouraged and hopeful. The weight on your shoulders feels lighter. You have a spring in your step because someone listened and responded.

Something similar occurs when you hear Brenda Poinsett speak or read what she writes. While you may be one of many in the audience or one of thousands reading something she’s written, you feel like she’s a coffee cup friend. She knows where you’re coming from. You feel like you’ve been heard, and you have because Brenda’s a listener. She listens and talks. She responds with “I know how you feel” and offers encouragement, insight, and inspiration just as if you were sitting across from her at her dining table or in a café. As a teacher, a writer and a speaker, Brenda is understanding, conversational, direct, honest, insightful and hopeful.

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