The Friendship Factor: Why Women Need Other Women

The Friendship Factor
If a woman wants to understand herself better, or understand other women, if she wants to relate to them, minister to them and with them—and receive from them!—then she’ll want to understand the power of conversation in women’s lives which is what this book is about. Throughout the adult woman’s life span—the exploratory years, the young adult years, the middle years, and the later years, the power of conversation is a sustaining force.

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One Response to The Friendship Factor: Why Women Need Other Women

  1. Virgie says:

    Brenda’s ‘Friendship Factor’ has been one of the best books studied by our Ladies SS Class. Every woman should read it. You will find out many things about yourself and your ‘friends’ as you read through this book together.
    It will become evident that GOD made women with this need for the friendship of other women and Brenda brings these biblical accounts to light. This book contains many scripture references.